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After seeing lots of these, we also decided to have a giveaway for all of our followers! Here is what this giveaway includes:

- 3 Medium Sized Posters (Peeta, Gale, and Katniss)

- 1 LARGE Peeta Poster

- Us Hunger Games magazine

- People Hunger Games magazine

- The Hunger Games Trilogy

- The Hunger Games DVD Deluxe Version (comes with iTunes code for the movie) 

- District 12 Knee-High Socks

- 1 Hunger Games Rubber Bracelet

- 1 PEETA Rubber Bracelet 

- Hunger Games Band-aids 

- The Hunger Games: Tribute Guide

- Peeta Spiral Notebook

- The Hunger Games Calendar 

- A bunch of small posters from magazines of the cast

- MacBook in Mint Condition 

- NEW iPhone 5!

- Black Solo Beats 

How we will choose the winner: 

This will be random, but the more you reblog the more you will be noticed!


- You must be following jhutchpeetamellark (me) and mellarkablejosh, if we choose you and you aren’t, we will pick a new winner 

- Reblogs count more than likes 

The winner will be notified within a week. We ship internationally so anyone can enter! Thanks! 

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